Here is what happens when you play games for an hour

From a recent study, it is proven that an hour of gaming can increase your brain’s capacity to focus. Yes, it’s not just the physical games that reflects positive effects but video game or just watching the stream of video games does the similar effects.

games develops our brain better
Children playing video games

The mystery behind is simple. When we play them, our brain coordinates with all 6 senses. We focus on eyes, illustrate the situation’s intensity with ears and go for action with our hands. And while evolution our brain is developed so that repeated action make it more perfect than machines.

This makes a complete package for brain’s exercise which is comparatively less in outdoor games.

Study Design

Twenty-nine male students at the University of Electronic Science and Technology, China took part in a study session. They were identified as either pro(having 2 years of gaming experience ) or noobie (just played atleast once).

Before and after the game the visual selective attention of the participants was assessed. The results were rolled out on the basics of blocking the distraction and narrowing the focus. The researchers used electroencephalography, or EEG to examine the brain activities.


Initially the brain activity and the assessment of pro’s was better as examined over beginners. Pro players comfortably obtained better scores. But the result after an hour was not very different.
Now local players were achieving good score along with pros. And both types of players ended with focused brain results.


University of Arkansas (2018, February 17). One Hour of Video Gaming Can Increase the Brain’s Ability to Focus – neuroscience news, retrieved February 3

Owing to the concrete affirmative results the test showed, the government wants to use it for improving focus in military training and education. So guys in our free time keep training your brain with more games.

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