Here Is The Truth Behind GTA 6 Leak!!!

The only Truth Behind GTA 6 Leak is the blurry and obscure images, raising a Question. Question is about the unexpected leak of pictures like these again and again. It is a videogame screenshot that is probably of GTA 6. Once it also seemed like a kind of prank played with a serious marketing behind. It is being believed that images came out through Rockstar Games sources (Youtuber — MrBossFTW ). The image shows an in-game airport with a flight take off seems to be fake itself.

Images Are Probably Fake — Truth Behind GTA 6 Leak

The Youtuber — MrBossFTW , himself enunciates that the images like in-game airport are fake. Till now there are no such evidences found claming the existence of GTA 6 leak. Its just some fake images finding their ways to mess up or maybe follow up some mindful strategy.

We do have a murky police car’s image too. It was found on a site selling 3-D rendered models. Unfortunately, the leakers never discovered the fact that these pictures were too common to be leaked.

Even after frequent updates, leaks and Rumors will be common

Although, a company like Rockstar Games frequently is releasing updated of popular games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5. Still it feels like leaks, rumors and fake news will be ruining the future console cohort.

Recently, TezFunz2 (Rockstar Games) tweeted :

Rockstar mysterious title called “Bonaire” is the code name for RDR2 PC. As to why it was refused classification is unknown, but I would assume it’s because of something new within the PC version as the Australian government seems to be okay with the console versions. Interesting enough, the Australian Classification Board had problems with GTAV Rockstar Editor back in 2015. It won’t surprise me if they are having problems with RDR2 Rockstar Editor which should be coming with the PC version.

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