Halo: The Master Chief Collection confirmed for PC

Halo: The master chief collection is making its PC debut later this year as confirmed by 343 Industry on Microsoft’s Inside Xbox live show. After a decade of “Exclusivity” on Xbox, the iconic First Person Shooter is going to usher in Steam and windows.

Speculations are that the game will not be released as a bunch. It will follow its Historical release order. Hence, Halo will be released initially, followed by the release of Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3: ODST. There may also be a new version later down the timeline.

Microsoft is preparing an Initial pre-release for distribution via the Halo Insider Program for extensive testing. The company will use the feedback to modify and improve the game for the final release. We can get the first chance to play the free release by enrolling on the Halo Waypoint. The company is adopting the step-by-step procedure because of the problem in multiplayer battle on Xbox.

Halo confirmed for PC
Halo: MCC to be released on PC

MCC will get advanced and HALO Reach (prequel) will be added into its collection as quoted by Brian Jarrard, Community Director of 343 industries. Xbox you will have it in multiplayer and game pack subscribers’ chunks. Multiplayer will have PVP, multiplayer battle and campaign and firefight for premium subscribers.

The hardware requirements for the game are not released yet. As a result, the whole Gaming community is eagerly waiting eagerly. If you are one of them, I advise you to keep an eye on your Xbox accounts and GameItToday. You can also subscribe to our notifications to get further follow-ups delivered to you.

Our whole team at GameItToday is marking time for the release of the much-anticipated franchise. The best part is the game it following its historical order now and its chronological order later.

That’s all for Halo now. We will keep updating on the topic.

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