GTA 6 Spotted on a Rockstar Artist’s Resume

3D artist Bibin Michael was seen mentioning “designing vehicles for upcoming GTA 5 DLC and upcoming GTA 6” on his online portfolio. The resume also mentions few notable projects, and the same data has been spotted on his LinkedIn profile. Michael is currently employed at Codemasters, working on DIRT Rally, GRID and the F1 series, and had left Rockstar sometime last year.

Michael has also worked at Rockstar Games on Red Dead Redemption 2, as his name was seen on the credits screen. The leak here does look authentic considering that the guy had been a Rockstar India employee for quite some time, though the way in which the NDA was broken seems a bit…..timed? Moreover, there hasn’t been any statement from Rockstar regarding the leaks, so it is wise to take it with a pinch of salt.

Since the news went viral, the official Artstation resume has been pulled down as a form of damage control, but a screenshot has already been taken by user ApolloThunder of GTAForums.

Another GTA is not surprising, though it is likely to be a next-gen game having a release date coinciding with that of the PlayStation 5, whose specs were formally revealed recently.

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