GOOGLE Developer Groups – GDG To Organize DevFest 2019 at Kolkata


Are you excited about technology? Do you feel happy about attending technical conferences? If you are anywhere near Kolkata or can manage to find your way into the city, then something definitely awaits you. No, it isn’t a monster, it’s a tech conference being held by one and supported by some of the hottest employers in the country. Yep, we’re talking about Google (google developer groups – GDG), and they are organizing DevFest 2019 in the heart of Kolkata.

DevFest 2019 (by google developer groups – GDG) wants to be the new face of the Indian developer community. They have participants and speakers from some of the most experienced members of the Indian tech industry.


Entry is exclusive and will be selected out of many applicants. You are absolutely eligible to apply if kolkata isn’t far enough to you to reach. To apply for passes, head here.

YouTube video on : Google Developer Groups To Organize DevFest 2019 at Kolkata.

The charm of some of the lectures from Industry 2.0’s leading developers is certainly a big attraction in itself. DevFest 2019 has a long lineup of talented speakers, increasing on the numbers from last year. On the other hand, there shouldn’t be any such difficulty in finding the venue. The Google DevFest 2019 app on the Play Store is there to help you reach your destination. It also contains information about the event timings and other formalities. So, it shall be prominently beneficial to download the devfest 2019 app it’s a must-download for any attendee.

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