Get EA’s cloud gaming beta with 4 games free

Electronic Arts (EA) (EA’s Cloud Gaming Beta Version) is giving cloud gaming beta and 4 games for free. This is in our way due to shifting of major companies to cloud gaming. Everyone is looking forward to this. Individual PC’s, just for playing games is not a better option for many now.

Electronic Arts has till now produced wonders like Madden, FIFA and super-popular Battle Royale Apex Legends. It is working on testing cloud gaming and are in search of people for the same.

EA’s Cloud Gaming Beta Shall Work

In EA’s cloud gaming its going to be a BETA Version. Technically, its an ALPHA Version. Google’s initial PROJECT STREAM also worked same as this Version. BETA Version was used while working for Google Stadia. According to reports, there wouldn’t be any BETA version of Google Stadia before its launch. Thus, its impossible try it before its launch.


In EA Cloud Gaming Technical Trial, players will get access to four games namely – ‘Titanfall 2′, ‘FIFA 19′, ‘Need for Speed Rivals‘ and ‘Unravel’. these are some of those which can be played on any platform. these may include PC and Mac laptops, tablets, phones, smart TVs and other gaming stream boxes. Probably, more of this will depend on the controller syncing.

Release Time, Signup Procedure

The release date for Electronics Sports BETA Version is not declared yet. Still it is likely to be released soon. Meanwhile, we are free join the Potential Playtest Pool and signup EA’s community playtest program. Link for the signup page is here. Its going to be best for you if you are already a member. Otherwise, will have to signup and a rejection process will be followed for the selection of BETA users. Yes, its true that everyone wouldn’t get a fair chance to cherish to moments using BETA Version.

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