Fortnite to Get a Special Crossover Event With Avengers Endgame

(WARNING : This article has some minor spoilers, please do not read further if you have not watched Avengers : Endgame)

Epic Games is officially bringing the fight between the Avengers and Thanos to Fortnite’s battle royale mode. The crossover event will feature a new game mode which involves the battle between the Avengers and Thanos and his Chitauri. Players will also have access to some challenges which they can complete to unlock free cosmetics, which includes the Avenger’s Quintlet Glider.

The Store will also have additional cosmetics up for purchase. The first set available for purchase is the Black Widow Outfit plus Widow’s Pack, Widow’s Bite Pickaxe and Widow’s Pirouette Emote. More Endgame themed cosmetics are going to come to the store soon, with the first half of next week being teased as the release date for the next set.

Epic Games had been teasing the event since April 23 through tweets from the official Fortnite handle. What is funny is that Endgame itself features multiple clips from Fortnite in Thor’s hut in New Asgard, where he is seen abusing a random player online for using filthy language. It’s a crossover of crossovers on both sides – Marvel and Epic Games.

The Endgame mode has the Avengers face off against Thanos. Players have access to the special weapons of one of the Avengers and face off against the Chitauri, including Thor’s Hammer, Captain America’s Shield, Iron Man’s Gauntlets or Hawkeye’s Bow. Whatever it takes.

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