Fortnite Goes Offline – Huge Blow To The Gaming World

Fortnite Goes Offline!! That’s right. Recently, Fortnite went offline when the latest season of it was about to get over.

We are all game lovers, in short gamers. Fortnite is one our favourite games. Maybe not for some but is definitely is a legendary game. Fortnite founders — EPIC Games— announced the same news before the latest season was about to be over.

13th October was finalised to be the season 10 — season ten of the shoot-’em-up survival video game. A lot expected season 11 thereafter, all got nothing but disappointment. The reason behind was this game launched in 2017 which is too popular to handle especially amongst teens. The same game was replaced with an image of a Black Hole.

Tweet From Todd Sinowitz

Tweet By King Ye

Fortnite is about to end

Fortnite is about to end. gamers are posting about their experiences on fortnite so far. Gamers posted that the whole game started to indulge into a sought of black hole.

Fortnite is headed towards an epic ending. At this point of time, Fortnite founders are busy doing live streaming about the Black Hole on Twitter Feed. Till now more than 330,000 likes have been noted on the same streaming. Along with it, as a suspense, they deleted all the earlier posts bringing some suspense into the act.

Season 11 to be out in short period

According to reports and tweets, Season 11 shall be out in short period of time hopefully. Some of the gamers believe it a brilliant marketing move by the Epic games while some parents seems to be with it.

One Last Tweet By Jack Keller

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