Facebook Will Hide Number Of Likes On Posts?

Facebook Will Hide Number Of Likes On Posts? This is almost a true fact!! Just the proof remaining is its execution.

Facebook is basically a medium to interact with social media, meet new people and the known people online. There are many features provided in Facebook like posting images, videos, etc. One of the features of posting an image or something is to react to it. Nowadays, this reaction is expressed using emojis. All these reactions are counted as the number of likes on a particular image. Facebook is taking a step in this direction only. They will steal the rights to display the number of likes on a particular post.

Reason behind This — Facebook Will Hide Number Of Likes

Since, this is an important decision. Thus, there is definitely a full proof reason to this. Facebook is conducting some sought of a test on this desktop application. Some of the users due to this reason only might not be able to see their number of likes on their posts. although this just a test but this may also be an update alarm. There is definitely a strong possibility that they might bring an update in future.

This Move Is Likewise To Instagram Users

There are definitely a number of similarities in Facebook and Instagram. Now, this step also seems like to be same as Instagram one. Actually, this same test was carried out for Instagram users too. Now, they are applying it on the Facebook Users in order to test their Social Media Business.

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