Facebook Leaked 419 Million Phone Numbers Yet Again!!

Facebook Leaked 419 Million Phone Numbers Yet Again!!

A security researcher confirms that Facebook has kept the data (especially mobile numbers) of its users insecure. Since, this isn’t happening for the first time. People are loosing trust from its users at a remarkable rate. Insecured data included phone numbers, IDs while name , gender and country in some of the cases.

Details – Where Is The Actual Problem

Researchers confirm that the server hosting for Facebook isn’t password protected, meaning anybody can access it. This definitely is the reason why Facebook is wrong and how researchers got to it. The exposure is big and exposing over 133 million records from US, close to 18 million from UK and 50 million from Vietnam.

Facebook Leaked Data of 600 millions in march, 2019

Facebook is involved in data leaks from initial stages only. Recently, in March this year Facebook stored data of over 600 million users insecurely. This all is happening from 2012. People are not even aware about the insecurities Facebook is making them face.

Actions Will Be Taken #Facebook Leaked 419 Million Numbers

A fine of $5 billion is to be charged #MARK ZUCKERBERG. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal led to this huge amount of fine from the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION in July. The higher Authorities are promising to keep the lines secure and private for future of the company and users.

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