Esports Is Now An Official Sports In SRILANKA

Esports Is Now An Official Sports In SRILANKA. That’s amazing right? Srilankans are growing in the gaming field from quite a long time. Now, the Srilankan government has approved the request all. They finally declared Esports an official sports in the whole country. A great news for all the gamers out there. They will surely clinch a lot benefits of this game being official and make the country proud. This positive move will bring the country to greatest heights.

In fact, Sri lanka is now the first south Asian country to bring Esports in their official Sports list. Decision making was done by – Minister of Telecommunication, Foreign Employment and Sports, Mr. Harin Fernando. This order was announced under Section 28 of The Sports Act No. 25, 1973 of The National Assembly.

Esports Included In 18th Asian Games

Esports after a long time was included as an official sport in the 18th Asian Games. A product moment for for the gaming industry. This may also be the reason why Minister of Telecommunication, Foreign Employment and Sports, Mr. Harin Fernando decided to announce Esports official in Sri Lanka. As a medal event in the upcoming SEA Games 2019 , Esports was honoured too.

Every Other Country Improving To Get Better of It

As a result of Growth shown by countries like Srilanka, every other country is focusing on same. Countries with Esports as official already are improving themselves. Else countries are trying to make Esports official in their country. Countries are aiming onto organizing international tournaments. Funding for the gems of Esports in being taken care of. Security of visas and funds is taken as crucial part.

Make sure this is happening n your country too.

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