EA FIFA 20’s Server Issues Found, PS4 and XBOX 1

Games are the most entertaining thing nowadays. Gaming on Devices is the most popular. Football – EA FIFA 20’s Server Issues Found according to reports. FIFA 20 down reports are arriving to hit PS4 and Xbox One by reporting issues with it. The FIFA 20 release date was 27th September. Pre-ordered Memberships of Champions and Ultimate Edition are featuring it before the release date only. Although neither of them are at all satisfied with the server of the game.

Login Issues Also Found Along With FIFA 20’s EA Server Issues Found

Its definitely going to be a great stuff for people but before the release pre ordered accounts faced problems in good quantities. Problems were more related to the server. Another major Problem was the login problem. Gamers were not able to login their account. This number is around 81% amongst all.

Fans took revenge on Twitter

Users got no chill on again the server problems faced and let out their frustration on twitter. Here is what fans tweeted :

One fan tweeted:

“Anyone else having connections problems with fifa 20 @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp”.

Another posted:

“Pay more to play #FIFA20 early and the servers are down. Absolute travesty”.

One added:

“This is a joke!! New SBC and the servers down! Are u kidding me #ea? #fifa20”.

And another wrote:

“The mrs out for a couple hours, some time to play fifa 20. Obviously the servers are down”.

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