Dream 11: The rise of fantasy sports and the business they create

Dream 11 is an INDIAN fantasy sports app which allows every user to play and predict fantasy games such as cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, etc. Basically, with a minimum risk of your real money; you are allowed to predict about a particular game and earn profits accordingly.

dream 11
Dream 11

Earnings till now

The current situation clears the fact that Dream 11 is the biggest of all fantasy sports, especially in India. Reason being the craze of Dream 11 spreading one like a forest fire. Coming to the Business part; on 14th March 2019 the earnings crossed 50 billion concluding to 52.5 billion.

Cricket will change whole scenario

Looking forward to bring this fantasy gaming to new heights, co-founder and CEO Harsh Jain challenged themselves in order to cross the 100 billion line by the end of 2019. Fortunately, the target expectedly shall be achieved by the ongoing IPL season only and the remaining residues upcoming Cricket World Cup will handle.
Crossing 100 million will set a new example in the field of sports gaming in India since it would be the first one to cross that bridge.

Currently MS Dhoni as brand ambassador

I feel this name – MS DHONI wouldn’t require any introduction. Still, he is an International Cricketer who plays wearing INDIAN jersey with jersey no. 7. An asset to Indian Cricket Team even in his retiring age. Fortunately, Dream 11 was fortuned by his presence as the brand ambassador. There were drastic changes observed since the release of advertisements with MS DHONI.

dhoni for dream 11

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