DOTA Underlords is the Valve’s Standalone Version of DOTA Auto Chess


If you’re a DOTA 2 player, then chances are that you’ve come across DOTA Auto Chess, the popular modification to the game which took the world by storm. The mod became so popular that it became a playing ground for streamers and casual players alike. Valve has been in talks for the development of a standalone version of the game for quite some time, though talks have not proved fruitful. Now they’re back with their own DOTA Auto Chess spinoff as a separate game.

Termed DOTA Underlords, the standalone DOTA game pits the player against seven opponents in a fierce battle for the city of White Spire. The game follows the same mechanics as DOTA Auto Chess. Imagine a strategy game and a card game bound together as a single unit? Well, that’s exactly what DOTA Underlords is trying to be. The game features online gameplay as well as offline functionality against bots of varying difficulty. Players wanting to join the game together can buckle up and enter as a party.

The game will be available freely for all owners of the DOTA 2 Battle Pass. Owners of the Pass can find a link to download the game on the DOTA 2 dashboard. The game will soon get an open beta where all players can participate. DOTA Underlords is scheduled to come to the PC, Android and iOS. Progress will be shared for players owning more than one platform and wishing to grind using the same account on a different platform. Cross-play between the several platforms as well as ranked matchmaking will be an important part of the first release.

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