CSGO: New-look of cache revealed at ESL New York

It is finally here, and we are psyched!!. After a long wait, the new look of one of the big-league maps, de_cache has been revealed. Today, at the ESL New York, the creators of the map took the stage and revealed the Vintage Chernobyl-ish look of the fan-favorite.

New look of cache revealed

Here is the video posted by official ESL on their twitter:

We are so excited to live stream our gameplay on the map on our Youtube Channel: GameItToday

Team Toxic (stewie2k, nitr0, Ethan, steel, JaCkz) takes on Team Squeaky (EliGE, kennyS, Tarik, k0nfig, Twistzz) on the debut of the map. The map was removed from the active duty map pool and replaced by Inferno in March of this year. The map will now possible re-enter the pool but it is not clear which map will be removed.

One thing that CS:GO fans (including us at GameItToday) found missing was the graffiti of s1mple from ESL One Cologne 2016. In the game, he did a no-scope double AWP play and is one of the most legendary moments of the pro-CS:GO scene.

S1mple, living up to his name seemed rather indifferent about the graffiti. As he posted on his official Twitter account:

Here is the video of the discussion about making of the new map:

During the discussion, Sal Garasso, discussed that the map is a bit T-sided. Sal also added stronger T-side is compensated in the new map by cutting down long rotation times for the CT. This means we may see some good action going in the upcoming games.

That is all for today gamers, we hope to see you on our YouTube live stream on the map which we will do as soon as possible. Till then, you can subscribe to GameitToday‘s newsletter and Notification(from bottom right). Game on! #Gameittoday

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