TENCENT Raises Billions in a bond sale

The Chinese company TENCENT HOLDINGS LTD. is raising $6 billion in a bond sale. They are inflating this amount even when they already have $20 billion in wallet. Now, this brings a big question mark (?) Details about Bond sale A 20 Years old company issues $6 billion with $20 billion already in notecase. This […]


Despite being the most secure technology of the era recent reports confirm that Blockchain technology is hackable. Yes, I was surprised too!!. After uplifting and praising this technology in my previous article on the blockchain, it was a very unpredictable fact to discover. How’s it hackable This image depicts that your system has been hacked. […]

AI can transform doodles into photorealistic landscape

Ever wished that the doodle you drew in your notebook in kindergarten would turn into a beautiful painting? Well, this can become a reality in the coming future. Nvidia is developing a deep learning model to turn rough doodles into masterpieces with so much ease that drawing doodles will look tougher than being a real, […]


8-Refreshing and thought-provoking fun facts about games and tech.

1.Google, Apple, Microsoft, Hp have one thing common in them: They all were started in a garage. 2.Bill Gates house was designed using Apples’ Mac computer. Gates house took 7 years and $63 million of construction and it is named as Xanadu 2.0. 3.There are approximately 6000 viruses released every month in IT. No permanent […]


Sixth sense Technology: A basic sense for the digital world

After successfully being able to re-invent almost everything god created, human race has now invented a new sense. We are talking about “Sixth Sense”. The technology is developed by Pranav Mistry, an Indian born Computer scientist and inventor who is the Global Senior Vice President of Research at Samsung and the head of Think Tank […]

Apple Arcade, a new Gaming service for Apple devices

After Google announced about their game-streaming service Stadia, many big companies have started to surface up with their own gaming services. For now, we are talking about the technological giant famous for their top of the line electronic products. Yes, we are talking about Apple and their new subscription service Apple Arcade. Recently Apple announced […]

Samsung Gear IconX vs Apple Airpods

Rivalry of AirPods: Apple or Samsung

Wireless earphones are the new technological trend of listening to pleasant music. A war is going on between Samsung and Apple to capture the market share and we can’t miss it. Today, we are going to inspect Apple AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds on their quality, features and price. So, let the battle began. FEATURES […]


Teslasuit, the Full Body Haptic VR Suit, Wins the Red Dot Award

You can imagine a VR headset, allowing you to take a glimpse inside a virtual world, move, see and hear inside it. So far, your sense of feeling has been pretty restricted, because there was no real way to develop sensors for the body. The Teslasuit is something which does exactly that. Imagine wearing a […]

stadia vs hardware

How will Stadia effect future of gaming?

Unless someone has been on Internet detox for the past week, we all know about Google Stadia. For those who were, Google Stadia is supposedly the Netflix of Gaming i.e it’s a cloud gaming subscription service. It does not require any additional computer hardware and can “hypothetically” run on any hardware, even on that old […]


Stadia Gaming platform by Google: Questions Answered

“The Future of gaming is not a box, ” according to Google, “It’s a place.” With that very notion in mind, on 19th March 2019, Google announced its Cloud Gaming Platform, “Stadia” at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). The platform seems like the beta version of the Future of Gaming. It’s a bold vision of […]