AI will shape the 6G network technology?

The mobile industry has revolutionized human evolution in a way that no other invention ever did. It would be hard to imagine the behemoth, the mobile industry has become without the internet. The latest introduction to the mobile communication industry — the 5th Generation of mobile communication or 5G — is currently being developed and […]

Best Phones For PUBG in INDIA for every Budget in 2019

From the very first day of the release of PUBG MOBILE, it has been quite difficult to stop it’s fantasy. Especially in INDIA, craze is at it’s peak. So, here is the list of best gaming phones for PUBG seekers. The list is budget based. Category 1: ₹10,000 -₹20,000 5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro OS Android […]

WhatsApp may not allow you to take screenshots in the coming updates!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services around the world. It constantly roles out updates, sometimes useful but most of the time controversial. The next one in the line is no screenshot of chats. Well from the look of it you might think that it’s just a normal update which won’t allow […]

internet black hole


We all use the internet for searching, emailing, gaming, music and for many other things. Every time we request anything from the internet it delivers us the corresponding data in small data packets. But when some of these packets go missing and can not be tracked through any technique . that is where we use […]


HALO INFINITE costs more than ENDGAME to make?

HALO: THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION is an alien combat action game. The next chapter of this famous franchise is right around the corner. It is getting scripted and titled as ‘HALO INFINITE’ and has the biggest ever budget in the gaming industry. The budget set by Microsoft and 343 Industries for Halo Infinite is reportedly […]

surviving mars

Surviving Mars Game to Get Its Second Expansion

Surviving Mars is all set to get its second expansion. Titled “Green Planet”, the expansion brings terraforming to humanity’s attempt to colonize the Red Planet. Players will be able to change the environment of the planet surface to make it suitable for living. A host of new structures and gameplay changes are also making their […]

TENCENT Raises Billions in a bond sale

The Chinese company TENCENT HOLDINGS LTD. is raising $6 billion in a bond sale. They are inflating this amount even when they already have $20 billion in wallet. Now, this brings a big question mark (?) Details about Bond sale A 20 Years old company issues $6 billion with $20 billion already in notecase. This […]


Despite being the most secure technology of the era recent reports confirm that Blockchain technology is hackable. Yes, I was surprised too!!. After uplifting and praising this technology in my previous article on the blockchain, it was a very unpredictable fact to discover. How’s it hackable This image depicts that your system has been hacked. […]

AI can transform doodles into photorealistic landscape

Ever wished that the doodle you drew in your notebook in kindergarten would turn into a beautiful painting? Well, this can become a reality in the coming future. Nvidia is developing a deep learning model to turn rough doodles into masterpieces with so much ease that drawing doodles will look tougher than being a real, […]


8-Refreshing and thought-provoking fun facts about games and tech.

1.Google, Apple, Microsoft, Hp have one thing common in them: They all were started in a garage. 2.Bill Gates house was designed using Apples’ Mac computer. Gates house took 7 years and $63 million of construction and it is named as Xanadu 2.0. 3.There are approximately 6000 viruses released every month in IT. No permanent […]