Warning For Google’s Pixel 4 Users

A Warning For Google’s Pixel 4 Users by Google due to exclusion of some important features in it. This is the latest smartphone which is launched without the fingerprint scanner. The only security left behind is the face recognition unlock. Well! frankly, face unlock isn’t the best security for an advanced smartphone like Pixel 4. […]

Robots Will Now Recognize Human emotions!!

Robotics Engineering is growing as fast as a forest fire. Thus, their new work is : Robots Will Now Recognize Human emotions. We live in a world of robots now. a digital world with everything as a sought of machine. These types are only developed further and further in order to make things we call […]

Sony In Huge Loss? Shawn Layden Is Stepping Down From His Position

Sony, a company with great pride. A company whose products are being used all over the world. Owners are definitely having a fortune releasing unique,useful and effective products with amazing profit graphs. Its contribution to Gaming field is worth it too. We have some latest updates about Sony’s PS 5 which is completely for gamers. […]

Samsung Galaxy FOLD Will Dominate Market In INDIA? – OCTOBER 1

Samsung Galaxy FOLD Will Dominate Market In INDIA – OCTOBER 1!!!! This sounds really interesting right? Well actually, it is. This is probably Samsung’s finest productions ever. Samsung undoubtedly looks excited before the launch of their most premium and precious smartphone i.e., Samsung Galaxy Fold. Ofcourse this will be an asset to the gaming field […]

Is Haptics Technology The New Boss?

A generation having a blast of diverse technologies in numerous fields all around the world. Especially, people in the computer science field have followed a really advance approach. Human senses and gestures are one of the most common ways to interact with the technology and computer science. Is Haptics Technology The New Boss? Haptics Technology […]

Hidden Benefits Of Apple Arcade Gaming Subscription

We are talking about the Hidden Benefits Of Apple Arcade Gaming Subscription. Gaming Industry has emerged to be one of the fastest industry in terms of growth. It is in top list of largest industries, probably after nuclear industry. Now, here we are with the Apple Arcade Gaming Subscription news. Its the time 3 days […]

Get EA’s cloud gaming beta with 4 games free

Electronic Arts (EA) (EA’s Cloud Gaming Beta Version) is giving cloud gaming beta and 4 games for free. This is in our way due to shifting of major companies to cloud gaming. Everyone is looking forward to this. Individual PC’s, just for playing games is not a better option for many now. Electronic Arts has […]

China’s Digital Currency Idea Is A Copy?

China’s digital currency is a copy? This totally relates to the fact that China’s Digital Currency Resembles Facebook’s Libra. Basically, the Design of China’s cryptocurrency is a bit similar to that of Facebook’s currency (LIBRA). Its just the design which matches, rest of the parts remain same. China is developing their own crypyocurrency which is […]