internet black hole


We all use the internet for searching, emailing, gaming, music and for many other things. Every time we request anything from the internet it delivers us the corresponding data in small data packets. But when some of these packets go missing and can not be tracked through any technique . that is where we use […]

Mad to insane – A real life PUBG now? 😱

Winner takes £100,000 home directly!! Playing too much of PUBG (player unknowns battle grounds)? Many of us have come so far that we are just one step away to peep out of our consoles and smartphones and find a place in real life. However, it felt quite impossible to hear about a millionaire who is […]

surviving mars

Surviving Mars Game to Get Its Second Expansion

Surviving Mars is all set to get its second expansion. Titled “Green Planet”, the expansion brings terraforming to humanity’s attempt to colonize the Red Planet. Players will be able to change the environment of the planet surface to make it suitable for living. A host of new structures and gameplay changes are also making their […]


UAE parents demand ban on PUBG after India. Is it justified?

PUBG is one of the most successful game of this decade, it is a complete package of entertainment and creativity. Most of the PUBG’s matches are of 30 minutes connecting 100 players together and the lone survivor wins. A straight, short, virtual, and kinda violent act for victory. But the BATTLE ROYALE GAME has now […]

TENCENT Raises Billions in a bond sale

The Chinese company TENCENT HOLDINGS LTD. is raising $6 billion in a bond sale. They are inflating this amount even when they already have $20 billion in wallet. Now, this brings a big question mark (?) Details about Bond sale A 20 Years old company issues $6 billion with $20 billion already in notecase. This […]


Petitions to remove PewDiePie?

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie is in trouble again. People have filed in a petition to remove the channel “Permanently” from YouTube claiming the channel to be responsible for the “normalization of white supremacy”. This is not the first time PewDiePie has to face accusations of supporting racism. In 2017, the US’s […]

Borderlands 3 Gets an Official Release Date

Borderlands 3 is announced to be heading towards an official release date of September 13. The game will be getting an official Gameplay Reveal Event on May 1. All preorders are live at, with a bonus of Gold Weapons Skins pack. The game will be available exclusive to the Epic store for 6 months, […]


Despite being the most secure technology of the era recent reports confirm that Blockchain technology is hackable. Yes, I was surprised too!!. After uplifting and praising this technology in my previous article on the blockchain, it was a very unpredictable fact to discover. How’s it hackable This image depicts that your system has been hacked. […]

AI can transform doodles into photorealistic landscape

Ever wished that the doodle you drew in your notebook in kindergarten would turn into a beautiful painting? Well, this can become a reality in the coming future. Nvidia is developing a deep learning model to turn rough doodles into masterpieces with so much ease that drawing doodles will look tougher than being a real, […]

Borderlands 3 Officially Announced by Gearbox

Gearbox officially takes off the curtains from the third entry in the Borderlands franchise. Revealed at PAX East, the trailer shows some gun-slinging action from the game. The trailer confirms the floating rumors that the game will be featuring returning characters from previous Borderlands games. What is interesting is that characters from Tales for the […]