Samsung Galaxy FOLD Will Dominate Market In INDIA? – OCTOBER 1

Samsung Galaxy FOLD Will Dominate Market In INDIA – OCTOBER 1!!!! This sounds really interesting right? Well actually, it is. This is probably Samsung’s finest productions ever. Samsung undoubtedly looks excited before the launch of their most premium and precious smartphone i.e., Samsung Galaxy Fold. Ofcourse this will be an asset to the gaming field […]

PUBG Is Dying? Reached At Lowest Of Its All Time!!

PUBG!! (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds)!! A game that took the world by storm. That dominated whole Gaming market this constantly for almost two years. A game that stole millions of gaming hearts. Its frustrating to write something negative about such a legendary game. Is PUBG Dying? We do have something to discuss about it. Definitely […]

We Found Latest Updates – PS4 — Hurry For State Of Play

We Found Some Latest Updates – PS4. So, we are here with some updates of PS4 ( Play Station 4 ). Play Station PLUS free games along with the release date leak and state of play stream. This also includes The Last of Us 2 as far as we talk about Play Stations. GAMING is […]

Yahoo Will Give You $358.80, $117,500,000 As Data Breach Compensation

That’s True!! Yahoo Will Give You $358.80 if you had a Yahoo Email account between 2013 and 2016 to settle a class action lawsuit. Yahoo!! They are offering $358.80 to their customers. Obviously, there is a procedure and eligibility. Check here if you are eligible or not for this amazing offer. Major eligibility rolls around […]

TENCENT To Raise Shares in Cloud Computing

Tencent Holdings Limited!! This company name is so much in news all the time. Definitely, its for the good causes. More importantly what made all the difference matters. My answer of all time is PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds). Well, this name is no surprise at all. Almost all of us play PUBG and we […]

Hurry!! Deal About To End – ASUS Gaming Laptop (25% off) just @$749

ASUS Gaming Laptop 25% discount ($250 off) is available here on Walmart. Model name and details – ASUS TUF FX505DT-WB72 gaming laptop, Ryzen 7 CPU, GTX 1650 GPU. It has 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, $750 at Walmart (save $250). Getting an amazing offer like this is no less than a dream. Exact price available is […]

Hidden Benefits Of Apple Arcade Gaming Subscription

We are talking about the Hidden Benefits Of Apple Arcade Gaming Subscription. Gaming Industry has emerged to be one of the fastest industry in terms of growth. It is in top list of largest industries, probably after nuclear industry. Now, here we are with the Apple Arcade Gaming Subscription news. Its the time 3 days […]

Here Is The Truth Behind GTA 6 Leak!!!

The only Truth Behind GTA 6 Leak is the blurry and obscure images, raising a Question. Question is about the unexpected leak of pictures like these again and again. It is a videogame screenshot that is probably of GTA 6. Once it also seemed like a kind of prank played with a serious marketing behind. […]

Latest Pokemon Game Earned $26 million In Just A Week

If a game is getting popular at a faster rate from the very beginning. Then, there has to be something unique and great in that game. Pokemon Masters was launched just about a week ago by DeNA (developers of the game) and POKEMON (The Company) . It is now 2nd Highest earner after Pokemon Go […]

Get EA’s cloud gaming beta with 4 games free

Electronic Arts (EA) (EA’s Cloud Gaming Beta Version) is giving cloud gaming beta and 4 games for free. This is in our way due to shifting of major companies to cloud gaming. Everyone is looking forward to this. Individual PC’s, just for playing games is not a better option for many now. Electronic Arts has […]