COD Helps Gamer – Fought ISIS For Six Months

COD helped John Duttenhofer of Colorado, who traveled to Syria last April to fight ISIS. This took place in ISIS’ de-facto capital, Raqqa. The former customer service worker, 24. He said that playing first-person shooter games including Call of Duty helped him for combat. He added that he learned basic combat skills and knowledge of […]

Gaming earns Pennsylvania 3.3 Billion, see how…..

Gaming earns Pennsylvania 3.3 Billion – this topic excites you, right? Pennsylvania gaming revenue earned a record $3.3Billion in the 2018-19 financial year. It is a new record and a 1.8% premium on the previous high. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) reported for the first-time combined fiscal year revenue figures. This includes sports wagering […]

GOOGLE Developer Groups – GDG To Organize DevFest 2019 at Kolkata

Are you excited about technology? Do you feel happy about attending technical conferences? If you are anywhere near Kolkata or can manage to find your way into the city, then something definitely awaits you. No, it isn’t a monster, it’s a tech conference being held by one and supported by some of the hottest employers […]

Petition to give visas to Indian PUBG Mobile teams.

Indian PUBG MOBILE teams got their visas to Berlin rejected! A huge disadvantage to INDIAN TEAMS. PUBG – the game of the millennium! This game took the world by storm. Three teams from our country stood up strongly to compete for the world with mobiles in hand playing PUBG. Recently, these teams were supposed to […]

Northgard Gets New Free Expansion; to Come to Consoles Later This Year

Shiro Games has had a serious of exciting announcements to make for the future of their strategy game Northgard. Firstly, the game will be getting a new expansion called Conquest. True to its name, Conquest puts the player in a procedurally generated world with random missions to complete. The new mode has tailor-made missions and […]

Here we are with More than 20 Best gaming memes for the month – July

We are here with the third part of our memes cycle. Enjoy!! 1.(Check out this post) 2.(Check out this post) 3.(Check out this post) 4.(Check out this post) 5.(Check out this post) 6.(Check out this post) 7.(Check out this post) 8.(Check out this post) 9.(Check out this post) 10.(Check out this post) 11.(Check out this […]

Get to Keep Age of Wonders III for Free, Courtesy of Steam

If you’ve got a thing for strategy games, and like to try out a new, albeit slightly older game, then Age of Wonders III might certainly be a game up your lane. The turn-based game has quite some decent mechanics, including actual combat simulations. Now get to keep the game for free, with no catches. […]

Best Earphones for playing PUBG under 1000 INR

Earphones that bring spice to the gaming life. We know, you desperately need earphones like that. Don’t you worry about it too much. We have made out a list of earphones under 1000 that are specifically designed to play games like PUBG. Along with it we managed to put amazon links for these earphones to […]

Pokémon Masters: A new Pokémon Game!

A couple of months back in a surprise Pokémon event, The Pokémon company announced various new products. The one that caught our eye is the latest Pokémon game called Pokémon Masters. The new Pokémon game, Pokémon Masters, made by DeNA, is a battle game that you play on your Android and iOS devices. In the […]

Tips to make the new Harry Potter Game fun!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is here and we went a few steps further to make this game a little more exciting to play, just for you! If you’ve played the game for some time you might have noticed that the game is a bit slow. It takes time to load the background resources. To overcome […]