Latest Pokemon Game Earned $26 million In Just A Week

If a game is getting popular at a faster rate from the very beginning. Then, there has to be something unique and great in that game. Pokemon Masters was launched just about a week ago by DeNA (developers of the game) and POKEMON (The Company) . It is now 2nd Highest earner after Pokemon Go […]

Get EA’s cloud gaming beta with 4 games free

Electronic Arts (EA) (EA’s Cloud Gaming Beta Version) is giving cloud gaming beta and 4 games for free. This is in our way due to shifting of major companies to cloud gaming. Everyone is looking forward to this. Individual PC’s, just for playing games is not a better option for many now. Electronic Arts has […]

TOP 20 MEMES OF SEPTEMBER #thismonth’slaughter

We are here with TOP 20 MEMES OF SEPTEMBER #this month’s laughter again for the month of september. Enjoy them to the fullest. We post these memes on 12th of every month. This is just to keep our readers interested in living a lifestyle full of happiness and laughter. So, here we start with TOP […]


National Video Game Day was celebrated on September 12, which leads to the question. Why would something that’s so much a part of modern life need any extra promotion? Unfortunately, video games get a bad rap, often from teachers and parents. Who worries that kids are spending too much time shooting at bad guys and not […]

Will Mobile Ruin All Other Gaming Platforms??

Online mobile gaming started getting popular in the early 90s where the games were too basic. They are not much interactive and until its a multiplayer game. Using puzzles and other interesting features whereas the flash games continued to remain popular in their own segment. However, the continuously upgraded technology has given a push to […]

Top 10 Games Played For The Highest Amount of Time

Some people game so much that they play small games to take a break from their core game. This happens with people whose true love is gaming. It reflects to our actual topic too. We have something different this time i.e., Top 10 games played for the highest amount of Time 10. Rocket League The […]


Video games are those entertainment essentials where digital technology has worked like a miracle to enhance user experience. Game-specific technology has evolved a great deal after entering into the mainstream world. It also brought one surprise after another for gamers who desired more excitement in games. We are here to share with you the hidden […]

PS 5 Important Details That No One Shared

We all know that a company like sony would introduce all its Playstations with best Specification and looks. The new Sony PS 5 looks exceptional and special. Definitely, it looks like something out of a sci-fi. SPECIFICATION OF PS 5 1.) CPU OF PS 5 A variation of AMD’s third generation Ryzen processor. 8 cores […]

Are cryptocurrencies the future of finance?

Cryptocurrency! A digital currency brought up by the use of cryptography. It all started with the launch of BITCOINS in 2009. Since then, the growth has been tremendous. Thus, the Platform is all set for cryptocurrency to grab up all the money market. As we discussed in the previous article on cryptocurrency – LIBRA, will […]

Top 5 YouTubers Of PUBG Mobile Bring Life To Gamers

Enough has been said about this game i.e., PUBG. Now, its time to disclose its promoters. So, we are here with some PUBG stuff. It’s exactly as the title says — TOP 5 YouTubers of PUBG mobile. Every youtuber puts all possible efforts in order to bring useful content for all. Please subscribe to the […]