Top CS:GO (Counter Strike) Teams

Counter Strike (CS:GO) is a legendary game. Recently, new updates were released on account of its 20th Anniversary. We are going to list up Top CS:GO (Counter Strike) Teams of all time which will add up some more to their celebration. 10. G2 ESPORTS G2 Esports is a Spanish Sports Organization whose Headquarters located in […]

CS:GO Update – CS 20 Weapon Case and Sticker Capsule

Legendary games like CS:GO (Counter Strike) are always updated time to time. Updating to make a better version is always the key to success. We have something which Counter Strike lovers can extract from. CS:GO is releasing new updates today on account of its 20th anniversary. CS:GO Update – CS 20 Weapon Case and Sticker […]

Fortnite Goes Offline – Huge Blow To The Gaming World

Fortnite Goes Offline!! That’s right. Recently, Fortnite went offline when the latest season of it was about to get over. We are all game lovers, in short gamers. Fortnite is one our favourite games. Maybe not for some but is definitely is a legendary game. Fortnite founders — EPIC Games— announced the same news before […]

Top 20 Gaming Memes-October #thismonth’slaughter

We bring awesome meme material every month just to make you laugh. So, enjoy Top 20 Gaming Memes-October at #thismonth’slaughter. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Is Esports Replacing Traditional Sports?

Is Esports Replacing Traditional Sports? Now, this is obvious to ask seeing the current scenario in a nutshell. People are moving from physical sports to online one. We call it Esports. It is definitely unrealistic but some of the games online improve mind functioning and other factors. Things become worse when its just about sitting […]

Esports Is Now An Official Sports In SRILANKA

Esports Is Now An Official Sports In SRILANKA. That’s amazing right? Srilankans are growing in the gaming field from quite a long time. Now, the Srilankan government has approved the request all. They finally declared Esports an official sports in the whole country. A great news for all the gamers out there. They will surely […]

Sony In Huge Loss? Shawn Layden Is Stepping Down From His Position

Sony, a company with great pride. A company whose products are being used all over the world. Owners are definitely having a fortune releasing unique,useful and effective products with amazing profit graphs. Its contribution to Gaming field is worth it too. We have some latest updates about Sony’s PS 5 which is completely for gamers. […]

new cache

CSGO: New-look of cache revealed at ESL New York

It is finally here, and we are psyched!!. After a long wait, the new look of one of the big-league maps, de_cache has been revealed. Today, at the ESL New York, the creators of the map took the stage and revealed the Vintage Chernobyl-ish look of the fan-favorite. Here is the video posted by official […]

EA FIFA 20’s Server Issues Found, PS4 and XBOX 1

Games are the most entertaining thing nowadays. Gaming on Devices is the most popular. Football – EA FIFA 20’s Server Issues Found according to reports. FIFA 20 down reports are arriving to hit PS4 and Xbox One by reporting issues with it. The FIFA 20 release date was 27th September. Pre-ordered Memberships of Champions and […]

PUBG Is Dying? Reached At Lowest Of Its All Time!!

PUBG!! (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds)!! A game that took the world by storm. That dominated whole Gaming market this constantly for almost two years. A game that stole millions of gaming hearts. Its frustrating to write something negative about such a legendary game. Is PUBG Dying? We do have something to discuss about it. Definitely […]