Call Of Duty is coming to mobile and here’s what we know about it

A week ago, Activision along with Tencent announced that Call Of Duty Mobile will be made available for beta testing with stable release sometime in November. As Call of Duty Modern Warfare was one of my favorite game, I am really looking forward to play this game on my phone.

In India, the game will be distributed by Unity since it uses Unity’s engine. Due to the recent criticism of PUBG Mobile by Indian authorities, Unity should be really careful with how they will go on with the games development and publicity.

Call of Duty: Mobile is expected to take on mobile games like PUBG Mobile and will offer 60fps performance along with low latency and responsive controls. Chris Plummer, Activision’s VP said, “This is console quality PvP matches right in the palm of your hand, and it’s all built within Unity.”

The game is expected to offer modes like Search and Destroy, Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch and various single player modes including zombie mode. The trailer shows famous maps like Nuketown, Crash and Hijacked. The game is targeted for high-end devices but the developers are constantly working towards optimizing the game for all devices.

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