Cache from CS:GO getting a full makeover?

The newest version of one of everyone’s favourites map, cache may soon be arriving.

FMPONE, the creator of the cache map recently tweeted a photo. The photo seems to be showing the progress of the makeover. The image is a minimap with green ticks and red ticks at some places on the map. The green may be representing the parts done and red the parts left.

cache minimap
FMPONE’s Tweet

There was no further information given and fan theories are floating everywhere around the town. Fans were quick to notice the big “Apple” written above the T-spawn. Theories are that there may be soon a mac version of the game. Another theory suggests that the “Grand Reveal” may be at ESL. This year’s ESL is being held in September in New York. (Check our coverage on Top 10 Gaming tournaments) for more info.

There is one more story going around that suggests it may be a reference to YouTube video in which a girl travelled to Chernobyl to eat Radioactive wild apples. That we think is least believable tho.

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Ever since Cache was abruptly removed from the professional CSGO map rotation, there has been chaos. The map that replaced Cache was Vertigo. Vertigo later seemed not to be ready for the professional scene. Hence, everyone was pretty much Nostalgic about cache.

We are waiting for the Cache like its Christmas. The sad news is that there is no confirmation or even a hint when it is going to be revealed. All we have are just speculations and fan theories. We hope to get some information from somewhere soon.

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