Auto Delete your Google Location History!

Last month Google announced a feature to delete all your location history, automatically.

A couple of days back, Google made this feature live.

Now storing people’s data has two sides to it. Google argues that storing data enables it to make the ads more personalized. On the other hand, not everyone thinks that Google should store heaps of data of its users.

Everyone welcomed the feature to automatically delete location data as it gave people control of their data; whether they wish to share it or not.

This feature will automatically delete location history on Android and iOS devices. It will give users the ability to remove their location data every 3 months or 18 months.

At present, the feature isn’t available on our devices so we can’t show you how to turn that feature on step-by-step.

To turn on this feature, first, go to your Google Account’s Activity Controls. Then select the option “Choose to delete automatically” in the Location History area.

From the next screen, you can choose whether to delete the Location History every 3 months or 18 months.

This feature has started rolling out for Android and iOS from 26th June 2019.

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