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CSGO: New-look of cache revealed at ESL New York

It is finally here, and we are psyched!!. After a long wait, the new look of one of the big-league maps, de_cache has been revealed. Today, at the ESL New York, the creators of the map took the stage and revealed the Vintage Chernobyl-ish look of the fan-favorite. Here is the video posted by official […]

Are cryptocurrencies the future of finance?

Cryptocurrency! A digital currency brought up by the use of cryptography. It all started with the launch of BITCOINS in 2009. Since then, the growth has been tremendous. Thus, the Platform is all set for cryptocurrency to grab up all the money market. As we discussed in the previous article on cryptocurrency – LIBRA, will […]

Is gaming actually toxic to women?

Competitive online gaming is in its all-time high. Although we all enjoy it but, every now and then, we come across posts that claim it is toxic like: “Why don’t you use voice chat?”“Why can’t I find a girlfriend who plays video games?”“Why do you mute people who ask you if you’re a girl?” Gee, […]


Cache from CS:GO getting a full makeover?

The newest version of one of everyone’s favourites map, cache may soon be arriving. FMPONE, the creator of the cache map recently tweeted a photo. The photo seems to be showing the progress of the makeover. The image is a minimap with green ticks and red ticks at some places on the map. The green […]


We all play it, we all love it. PUBG Mobile, the game that took the world by storm since its launch on the platform is now the highest grossing game in the world. The Tencent-owned Battle Royale was launched on the mobile platform in 9th February 2018. The game caught momentum just after it was […]

AI will shape the 6G network technology?

The mobile industry has revolutionized human evolution in a way that no other invention ever did. It would be hard to imagine the behemoth, the mobile industry has become without the internet. The latest introduction to the mobile communication industry — the 5th Generation of mobile communication or 5G — is currently being developed and […]

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20+ best gaming memes we found on the internet

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Top small Business ideas for gamers

If you love playing games and you are also a gamer by heart like us at GameItToday you can never stop Gaming. So, won’t it be absolutely amazing if we can turn this passion into a profession/business and make some bucks while Gaming? Here are some profitable business ideas for gamers that may actually help […]


Valve reveals Steam Library Update at GDC.

We all know it, we all Love it. Steam, Valve Corporation’s digital distribution platform is getting a new look in its oncoming update. Valve showed off the new look of Steam at GDC on Thursday showcasing the new library view, highlighting a redesigned page with large game thumbnails and more categorization around what’s going on […]


Stadia Gaming platform by Google: Questions Answered

“The Future of gaming is not a box, ” according to Google, “It’s a place.” With that very notion in mind, on 19th March 2019, Google announced its Cloud Gaming Platform, “Stadia” at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). The platform seems like the beta version of the Future of Gaming. It’s a bold vision of […]