TOP 10 Online Gaming Websites

If you are fantasized by online games. Then, just for you we have researched on this -‘TOP 10 ONLINE GAMING WEBSITES till date’ and here are the results we collected : 1.  Kongregate.Com Kongregate website features over 110,000 online games and 30+ mobile games available for the game lovers. It has almost every game type […]

Google stadia

Google stadia cloud services about to release but not in India!

Google announced its cloud gaming services (Google stadia) a few months back. This cloud platform is extremely useful for streaming and gaming on personal PCs, mobiles, televisions and on any other screen without any hardware requirements. Google is moving closer to the general public since they revealed more about their services. Here is what google […]

Fortnite Update: Invisible Bomb,Patch Notes Revealed

The Fortnite 8.51 developers made a mystery upgrade in the game by adding an Invisible Bomb which is capable of making itself invisible. This invisible bomb is named as Shadow Bomb in its disclosed patch. The Shadow Bomb hides you in a puff of smoke and becomes temporarily invisible. It enhances the movement speed and […]


Here is what happens when you play games for an hour

From a recent study, it is proven that an hour of gaming can increase your brain’s capacity to focus. Yes, it’s not just the physical games that reflects positive effects but video game or just watching the stream of video games does the similar effects. The mystery behind is simple. When we play them, our […]

COX elite gamer services

An Internet specially for gamers? Worth it?

Woah! That title sounds interesting. Isn’t it? So, let’s start with some history. In 2017, the Federal Communications Commission disabled the net neutrality that began the competition, which company took the advantage off. And resultantly COX communication won the tournament. Firstly Brian Crecente at Variety reported that an American company COX communication has proposed a […]

Apple and Qualcomm settlement

Apple pays Qualcomm $9 billion for what?

Qualcomm, an American MNC with a billion dollar turnover derives most of its revenue from chip making. A bulk of its profits comes from patent licensing businesses. Earlier, Apple and Qualcomm had a good fortune together. Unfortunately, Apple faced legal issues about a chip patent and failed to pay any kind of royalty to Qualcomm. […]

next pubg mobile update O.12.O

Mobile PUBG update : Zombie Darkest Night

PUBG isn’t been a stranger to anybody now. Enduring their long run PUBG Mobile has released a new update (0.12.0) for PUBG lovers . The update has breath taking features like Zombie : Darkest Night  and additionally you can spectate your friend’s match as well. Old patterns are removed since Event mode has been replaced […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook at a March 25 Apple announcement event.

Apple Arcade platform will cost them 500 million??

According to an exclusive report by The Financial Times, Apple is reportedly spending half a billion dollar for its news gaming services Arcade. Talking in brief about Arcade, Apple introduces Apple Arcade — the world’s first game subscription service for mobile, desktop and the living room. Arcade services will be featured as 100 new and […]


Is the Blackhole image really the work of a single Woman?

After about a century later, Albert Einstein gave his theory about black holes, we were finally able to see it for the first time. On, 10th April 2019, NASA realeased the first ever picture of Black Hole. The sole credit for the picture was given to the algorithm written by Katie Bouman by the mainstream […]

internet black hole


We all use the internet for searching, emailing, gaming, music and for many other things. Every time we request anything from the internet it delivers us the corresponding data in small data packets. But when some of these packets go missing and can not be tracked through any technique . that is where we use […]