Ransomware hackers hit nearly two dozen american cities

Ransomeware hackers hit 23 american cities of texas including the government agencies. Notably a well planned cyber attack. Ransomeware is a kind of destructor from Cryptovirology that forces the fatality to swallow out all their information or (say) data. Although, the title says it all for the article. Still, we have more to share. Americans […]

Reddit’s New Feature – LIVE STREAMING

REDDIT undoubtedly is one of the most used social apps. It’s active users must be familiar with these kinds of words. Basically, you are anonymous to post almost anything you like on reddit. As their new update, REDDIT is on its way to launch the feature of LIVE STREAMING. R/PAN – REDDIT Public Access Network […]

August – Top 20 gaming memes(#this month’s laughter)

We make tremendous efforts to bring the greatest memes every month on 12th. So, enjoy the latest memes of August 2k19. Here we go…… 1.) Checkout this post 2.) Checkout this post 3.) Checkout this post 4.) Checkout this post 5.) Checkout this post 6.) Checkout this post 7.) Checkout this post 8.) Checkout this […]

Petition to give visas to Indian PUBG Mobile teams.

Indian PUBG MOBILE teams got their visas to Berlin rejected! A huge disadvantage to INDIAN TEAMS. PUBG – the game of the millennium! This game took the world by storm. Three teams from our country stood up strongly to compete for the world with mobiles in hand playing PUBG. Recently, these teams were supposed to […]

Here we are with More than 20 Best gaming memes for the month – July

We are here with the third part of our memes cycle. Enjoy!! 1.(Check out this post) 2.(Check out this post) 3.(Check out this post) 4.(Check out this post) 5.(Check out this post) 6.(Check out this post) 7.(Check out this post) 8.(Check out this post) 9.(Check out this post) 10.(Check out this post) 11.(Check out this […]

2019 Gaurdiancon’s stream raises $3.7 million in a weekend

Guardiancon is basically a charity stream where big name streamers raise money and enormous number of people join on twitch from Orlando and Florida as audience too. It was found by streamer Ben ‘ProfessorBroman’ Bowman, Cory ‘KingGothalion’ Michael, and Kevinxvision. Year by year they have grown at a level where lots of people follow. Raised […]

Facebook introduced it’s new cryptocurrency : LIBRA

Recently, FACEBOOK came up with something new. They introduced their new cryptocurrency named LIBRA that is scheduled to be launched in 2020. Basically, CALIBRA is a digital wallet that will use LIBRA as it’s currency. Primitive intent is to furnish customers with fiscal utilities through the Libra network. There are a few products to be […]

Denmark’s Prime Minister–a gamer by heart?

The Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Løkke Rasmussen recently visited the Astralis HQ and tried his hands on Counter Strike Global Offensive. He congratulated Astralis for their victories and also gave a speech at Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2018. He is no doubt a true inspiration for DANISH LEGENDS. Linkedin post by Steen L. Laursen […]

PEPSI to defend Russian Gamers by displaying ads in space…..

A lot is discussed about the decision changes by PEPSI everytime. Following the same tradition, we came across a news – “PEPSI to defend Russian Gamers by displaying ads in space.” StarRocket’s Business Model A Russian company named– StarRocket– who embarks cube shaped satellites into space generally known as Cubesats. It then entangles to form […]