Pokémon Masters: A new Pokémon Game!

A couple of months back in a surprise Pokémon event, The Pokémon company announced various new products. The one that caught our eye is the latest Pokémon game called Pokémon Masters. The new Pokémon game, Pokémon Masters, made by DeNA, is a battle game that you play on your Android and iOS devices. In the […]

Auto Delete your Google Location History!

Last month Google announced a feature to delete all your location history, automatically. A couple of days back, Google made this feature live. Now storing people’s data has two sides to it. Google argues that storing data enables it to make the ads more personalized. On the other hand, not everyone thinks that Google should […]

Tips to make the new Harry Potter Game fun!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is here and we went a few steps further to make this game a little more exciting to play, just for you! If you’ve played the game for some time you might have noticed that the game is a bit slow. It takes time to load the background resources. To overcome […]

Bandai Namco working on One Punch Man Game!

Bandai Namco recently announced on their twitter that they are developing a game for the much famous anime series- One Punch Man. One Punch Man, A Hero Nobody Knows, the title of the game will be released for PC, X-Box One, and PS4. The game will be an action-fighting game sporting 3 on 3 brawl […]

Internet from your tube light!?

Yes! You read the title correctly. Now if you do not know what we are talking about, well we are talking about the new Signify (previously Philips Lighting) LiFi systems that at present are the fastest and most reliable commercially available systems. For those of you who are not familiar with the term LiFi, short […]

Best Apps to Stream on PC and Mobiles!

In this era of gaming, who doesn’t love to show off their skills in front of the world and earn some fame by streaming their favorite games. Sounds easy right? Not that much. Getting the right software to stream is the biggest task and we are here to help you out. Firstly, we will look […]

PUBG Lite Available for Pre-Registration!

The wait is finally over. PUBG Lite for PC is ready for pre-registration in India and we are ready for it. Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to emulators (Hopefully). PUBG has released a lite version of PUBG PC for those who don’t have a beast PC to run PUBG on while having decent FPS. […]

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite releasing on 21 June!

All the Potter Heads its time to rejoice! Niantic Labs and Warner Bros. Games together are launching Harry Potter: Wizards Unite under the label of Portkey Games. The game is to be launched globally starting this Friday according to the official twitter account of the game. Yes! June 21, the game starts rolling out globally. […]

Interview With an Indian National Level CS-GO Player!

A few months back The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) along with Elite Esports of India and SRM Chennai hosted an inter-university CS-GO Championship. We got hold of one of the winners from the tournament. This is our interview with a very talented and upcoming esports player Amartya Gogoi, a student of SRM IST, Chennai and having his […]

Environmental impact of cloud gaming!?

As we all know, big companies like Google and Microsoft are working towards their Cloud Gaming platforms (Stadia and Project XCloud respectively) to provide gaming services on a paid monthly subscription. Now the paid subscription has its benefits of being able to play any title on any device of your like, let it be your […]