Amazon to give new employment opportunities to students and housewives through AMAZON FLEX app

Amazon ‘s new scheme — Amazon flex

Amazon, one of the fastest growing companies till date is now launching a brand new delivery scheme i.e., AMAZON FLEX APP. Cardinal mob would be the college students, housewives and the others sitting at home for a while. This brings up an earning opportunity along with time utilization. There would be certain steps to register. Once you are in, the roller coaster ride awaits. This makes it even more satisfying.

How is Amazon Flex different?

Benefits of amazon flex

Yes, it is different! Giving deliverance to timings along with the schedule plans is totally contrasting. You earn close to $25 every hour. What else can be better? We can even choose the area of delivery. Flexible timings is really a big deal. It gives an ultimate reason to join this program. However, you will need your own vehicle (minimum — a two wheeler).

Eligibility and Working Hours

Every human above 18 shall be eligible until the documents gets rejected. One require documents PAN CARD, commercial license ,etc for verifications. At least a personal two wheeler is mandatory to start with. Since, this app only supports android mobiles. So, you also require an Android mobile to download the amazon flex app. Moreover, we also have a drawback in the queue. One must deliver minimum 4 hours to be eligible for earnings.

Amazon will also profit but passively!!

Amazon is always in the game!!

They literally launched this app to inflate their circle. This can even bring them closer to their customers leaving them more gratified. This app can prove to be the Sales Multiplier for them. But one reason may be their loyalty towards the supportive crowd. We actually never know exactly about the market plans. Things will start to reveal after the app launches. Put up your views in the comments box!!

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