AI will shape the 6G network technology?

The mobile industry has revolutionized human evolution in a way that no other invention ever did. It would be hard to imagine the behemoth, the mobile industry has become without the internet.

ai will shape 6g technology

The latest introduction to the mobile communication industry — the 5th Generation of mobile communication or 5G — is currently being developed and implemented in some parts of the world. The 5G already claims to offer speeds up to 600 Megabits per second. This is already far better than 28 Mbits/sec its predecessor has to offer. But, the question arises, what more does 6G has to offer? What activities and possibilities will 6G open that 5G can’t?

The answer is Artificial Intelligence. Razvan-Andrei
and Giuseppe Abreu at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany mapped out the limitations of 5G and keyed in the factors that will drive the development of 6G. They concluded Artificial Intelligence will be the key factor in the development of 6G.

Major predicted advancements in 6G

6G is being advance!!

First of all, the download speeds will be in the range of about 1 Terabit per second. But, more importantly, it will empower intelligent systems to solve arduous tasks on the fly. Hence, it will increase their reliability and efficiency considerably.

To exemplify, let us consider the example of self-driving cars. There are about 2.7 millions cars that enter and exit New-York every day and the number is increasing steadily. Hence, the self-driving cars of the future need to be fed with data about its position and the position of nearby vehicles with a latency of less than a millisecond. Furthermore, on a busy junction where there will be hundreds of cars sucking up data simultaneously, the data needs to be consistent and super fast for the system to work efficiently.

“To harness the true power of such agents, collaborative AI is the key,” say Stoica and Abreu. “And by nature of the mobile society of the 21st century. It is clear that this collaboration can only be achieved via wireless communications.”

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