About Us

GameItToday is one of the upcoming websites aimed at providing quality content to the voracious Techies and Gamers. GameItToday is one true love of two Engineering Undergraduates who are Gamers and Techies by heart. We are aimed at providing content that is both informative and entertaining. We want to set a benchmark in the Tech and Gaming Industry. We continuously strive to make our frequent readers smartest person(s) in the room.

At GameItToday we follow the rule “DoItToday” to serve Latest Technology, Gaming, Tech and Gaming Business, and Tech and Gaming News through our website. We help our consumers to gain useful knowledge about the latest tech, make better decisions and make much better use of their devices. We work day and night to provide our consumers with the latest jargon and mediaspeak going around the town.

Our mission is to provide, quality content to voracious Techies and Gamers. We want the content on the internet to be easy to find, informative and entertaining to read.

-Vikrant Chauhan (Founder GameItToday)

We want the readers of GameItToday to be served the best, most informative and most entertaining content as fast as possible.

-Manan Arora (Co-founder GameItToday)

GameItToday is created owing to the passion of the two Ingenious Engineers and we hope to be able to cater good enough content to be able to turn this passion into profession.