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PUBG Mobile may currently be in all the rage in the mobile gaming industry. One game with the power to compete it is-‘Indian Air Force : A Cut Above‘ Report describe they shall only work on iOS and Android. This game is being said to be a tribute to Wing-Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. He became famous after the retaliation to Pulwama, and is known for his signature moustache.

About the game —

Indian Air Force : A Cut Above
This game coming soon!!!!

IAF (Indian Air Force) didn’t provide too many details about the game other than the fact they said. They stated that it is the single player mode Game which includes flying fighter Jets .

Official Teaser and features

The teaser for this game was released recently and features what the in-game would look like.

The game starts with the words– ‘ I am an Air Warrior!!!!’ .

The Official Logo of Indian Air Force : A cut above (at the end of the teaser) released by the IAF shows an emblem with a symbol of a plane and ‘A Cut Above’ written below.

The teaser starts with footage of a pilot from inside a hangar, with a fight plane. The next shot is a screen that reads in CGI displaying – “I am an Air Warrior” and shows a pilot with a gunslinger moustache.

The man in the game Resembles to the Wing-Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

The teaser shows the user as a pilot flying fighter helicopters and jets. It appears to be combat mission to destroy enemy bases and planes.

The game is scheduled to be released on 31st July. The IAF tweets assured that they will soon be launching a multi-player version of the game as well. 

Hope you all will definitely play this in the pride and honour of INDIA (for the bravery of Wing-Commander – Abhinandan).

Here is the link of its teaser !!! MUST SEE !!!

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