10 facts about PUBG only a few know….

Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds or PUBG is an eminent game since it’s release in 2017. Despite being banned in different parts of the country, PUBG has dominated the gaming field. This game became voguish post the PUBG MOBILE update conspicuously. So, including the latest updates of PUBG here are TOP 10 facts about it.

10. Most scarce item !!

The VIRTUAL RED BANDANA is probably the rarest item in the whole game. Since, the launch only, pre-orders could be seen against the item available in the loot box. On the scent, these boxes started disappearing which resulted in making the item rarer day by day.

9. Cloaked reason trailing the name?

Player unknown’s Battle Grounds which is most extensively known as pubg is the actual name. Now, the reason for this name is directly related to the creator’s real life. He was a desperate gamer. In his regular days, he used to name his co-gamers as ‘player unknown’ while playing the games.

8. Pubg’s FOUNDER ?

The FOUNDER of the most prevailed game is Brendan Greene. He is an IRISH born game developer and used to read HUNGER GAMES BOOKS. These books only gave him the idea of the game called PUBG.

7. How Erangel was Named?

Erangel is an easily perceivable map in PUBG. Now, how about it’s name? Actually, Brendan had a daughter with name – ‘ERYN’. He combined 2 words – Eryn and Angel concluding to Erangel.

6. World Record for Most Simultaneously played game!!

PUBG has already set a world record in most simultaneously played games category of all time in its launch year only (2017). The world record consisted of 3,106,358 users playing the game simultaneously.

5. Truth behind -“winner winner chicken dinner!!”

Every PUBG lover desires this particular phrase to appear on their screens. The reason behind it is a bit historic. Around 1930s , the economic crisis were leading to depression problems in public. Now, when people used to gamble the winner could afford a chicken dinner. The founder picked the phrase from there.

4. Is Pochinki real?

Pochinki is directly linked Erangel map. This location is exactly at the center of the map and additionally one of the best hidding spots. In fact, my personal favorite. Talking about its reality, there are various rural areas named as Pochinki.

3. PUBG earns through advertisements?

PUBG wasn’t advertising till PUBG MOBILE wasn’t launched. After the launch PUBG became one of the first advertisement giving games on INDIAN TVs. Although, I didn’t feel the need for advertising for a game already popular as hell.

2. BOTS in PUBG Mobile

Every PUBG player knows about bots quite surely. Bots are ai generated players who are not that great at shooting. With no lack of players we are required to introduce them. This all generally occurs till one persuies LEVEL 10. An amateur may not even agree with it but still is useful.

1. PUBG can BAN you for more than 100 years…

Using unfair and illegal means as per the companies policies is extremely punishable. Same is the case with PUBG too. If you are caught using inappropriate programs, bug using, etc. ,there is no way left to escape except surrender. May be you will have to wait for 100 years to play the game which is equivalent to permanent ban.

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