Top 10 Most-Watched PUBG Clips on Twitch

PUBG – Player Unknowns battle grounds. Again, we are here with something related to this game by TENCENT. We have every reason to say that PUBG has become a religion just like cricket in INDIA. So, this time we are with Top 10 Most-Watched PUBG Clips on Twitch. #10 – Okay You’re Getting (239,188 views) […]

Fortnite Update: Invisible Bomb,Patch Notes Revealed

The Fortnite 8.51 developers made a mystery upgrade in the game by adding an Invisible Bomb which is capable of making itself invisible. This invisible bomb is named as Shadow Bomb in its disclosed patch. The Shadow Bomb hides you in a puff of smoke and becomes temporarily invisible. It enhances the movement speed and […]

Indian Gaming Industry is on a BOOM!

The Indian Gaming Market currently stands at about 5540 crores in the financial year 2018-19. It is believed that it will grow more and more in the coming few years. The increase is found to be 22.1% CAGR aiming to take it up to 11,880 crores by the year 2023 as per KPMG India. A […]

Denmark’s Prime Minister–a gamer by heart?

The Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars L√łkke Rasmussen recently visited the Astralis HQ and tried his hands on Counter Strike Global Offensive. He congratulated Astralis for their victories and also gave a speech at Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2018. He is no doubt a true inspiration for DANISH LEGENDS. Linkedin post by Steen L. Laursen […]

Top 10 Largest Games Map Ever

Gaming is not just something to enjoy but is life to many. There is an emotional attachment to games and their characters which makes gaming unearthly. So, here we have something related to games. The TOP 10 LARGEST GAME’S MAPS EVER: 10. Fallout 4 Map size – 111 km2 9. Dragon Age: Inquisition Map size […]


Here is what happens when you play games for an hour

From a recent study, it is proven that an hour of gaming can increase your brain’s capacity to focus. Yes, it’s not just the physical games that reflects positive effects but video game or just watching the stream of video games does the similar effects. The mystery behind is simple. When we play them, our […]

Byju’s Acquires California-Based Educational Gaming Startup Osmo

Byju’s, India’s best-funded edtech startup, adds yet another milestone to their hat through the acquisition of Osmo, a startup based in California. Founded by Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholle, Osmo is an online platform that makes Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality products to “make learning fun”. They also harbor the power provided by Artificial Intelligence […]


Top 10 Esports Tournaments

With the population, as well as the popularity of gamers, increasing day-by-day (yay!!), we are very happy many organizations are starting to organizing tournaments for competitive gamers known as Esports Tournaments, We have compiled a list of Top 10 Esports Tournaments in the world. 10. DOTA 2 Asia Championships The Dota 2 Asia Championships started in […]

COX elite gamer services

An Internet specially for gamers? Worth it?

Woah! That title sounds interesting. Isn’t it? So, let’s start with some history. In 2017, the Federal Communications Commission disabled the net neutrality that began the competition, which company took the advantage off. And resultantly COX communication won the tournament. Firstly Brian Crecente at Variety reported that an American company COX communication has proposed a […]

PUBG Killer!? New Battle Royale game for mobile devices

NetEase recently announced their new game Cyber Hunter, a battle royale for mobile devices available on both Android and iOS. This is a first Sci-fi battle royale with elements of parkour, lasers, and futuristic gear. You play as a wanderer and wander around the 6×6 km map collecting supplies, killing enemies and at the end […]